Good News!

backblast area clear cover

Whats up people!

Its been a very long time since I have been on here, but life has been busy. Is what it is. I started my new job in August which led to long term language training. As you can imagine finding the time to write and learn a new language is difficult.

The big news is that I have officially gotten my first short story published in a Military Science Fiction anthology called Backblast Area Clear. It was published by J.R. Handley, whom some of you may know from his work in the Human Legion universe by Tim C. Taylor. (also has a story in this anthology, it’s great!) Aside from us there are stories from great authors like Richard Fox, MD Cooper, CJ Carella, Josh Hayes, Scott Moon, and a bunch more talented people. Definitely check it out if you are running low on pew pew stuff to read! You can find the link below and It is currently on sale for $1.99, can’t beat it.

I have had a few setbacks as of late, we had a death in the family over the New Year holiday break and My wife and I are now furloughed do to the government shutdown. On the up side though, I have more time to work on my submission to the Keystroke Medium near future anthology and a novel I have been wanting to release for a while now. Also, the wife could use some more rest at seven months pregnant!

Looking ahead, as I mentioned I am working on a short story or two for some anthologies and a novel for my own release. I will be working on a follow up novel to my story in Backblast Area Clear which I am pretty excited about as well.

Lots going on, hope everyone is having a great new year!

Backblast Area Clear link: Backblast Area Clear

My interview with JR Handley on the Sci-Fi Shenanigans Podcast: http://www.sfshenanigans.com/2018/12/21/sfs-episode-73-anthology-logan-scott/

5 thoughts on “Good News!”

  1. I just finished “Complacency’s Grave” in Backblast Area Clear. It’s an excellent read and an auspicious start to your published career. Keep those stories coming. Your voice stands out as a writer. I’m looking forward to lots more.

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