Author, Military Science Fiction


Hey folks! SO, just wanted to give everyone an update on how things are going. I know this page was supposed to be up and running  by now but life…meh. I am hoping to do my first real post soon.

On the writing front, I have finished two short stories in the past month or two. Both are currently being edited. One of them is a submission for an upcoming anthology and the other is a back story short on a character in my main novel project right now. I’ve also got my first series idea on the back burner for now while I get a little more exposure.

In real life I jacked up my shoulder and had to quit working at the horse barn I was at. Not a huge deal though since I start training for my new job in august. I Have to start preparing to move to Kazakhstan in a little over a year for the wife’s job, so I am learning Russian as well.  Should be an interesting time.

I was also lucky enough to be a part of a podcast round table recently about the proposed Space Force. Thanks to J.R. Handley and Chirs Winder for inviting me on! We had a blast and talked some trash, good times were had! Check it out and other great episodes on the SciFi Shenanigans podcast

Things to come:

I will be doing a book review here fairly soon on an anthology I was made aware of recently and hopefully I get asked to come back on Sci Fi Shenanigans again. I had a blast with them!  I will also keep everyone updated on the status of my stories as I get more information.

Thanks for stopping by my little AO ( Area of Operations) and come back soon to check out my first book review!